Introduction to Multimedia


IMED 1301: Introduction to Multimedia


Fall 2007
IMED-1301-8501 Tues/Thurs., 5:40 - 7:40 PM
Room T248


Scott Trent
Office Number: A110 - Adjunct Faculty Office
Mail Box Location: A110 - Adjunct Faculty Office
Richland phone: 972-238-6140 (Adjunct Faculty Office) - leave message



Course Description:

A survey of the theories, elements, and hardware/software components of multimedia. Topics include digital image editing, digital sound and video editing, animation, web page development, and interactive presentations. Emphasis on conceptualizing and producing effective multimedia presentations.

Learning Outcomes:

After successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Utilize the elements and hardware/software components of multimedia; produce an interactive multimedia presentation; select optimal multimedia strategies for various delivery systems; and examine multimedia industry career opportunities.

Scans Skills:

The Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) was appointed by the Secretary of Labor to determine the skills people need to succeed in the world of work. Richland College is determined to prepare you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in today’s dynamic work environment. Towards this goal, these workplace competencies and foundation skills have been designed into the curriculum for this course:

  • Listening - receives, attends to, interprets, and responds to verbal messages and other cues
  • Problem Solving - recognize problems and devise and implement plan of action
  • Knowing How to Learn - use efficient learning techniques to acquire and apply new knowledge and skills
  • Self-Management - assess one’s self accurately, set personal goals, monitor progress, and exhibit self control
  • Teach Others New Skills
  • Use Computers to Process Information
  • Select Technology - choose procedures, tools or equipment including computers and related technologies
  • Maintain and Troubleshoot Equipment - Prevent, identify, or solve problems with equipment, including computers and other technologies

Required Lab:

Students are required to spend at least 2 extra hours per week outside of class working on student projects. Lab assistants and faculty are usually in the lab to answer questions, however multimedia tutoring is not available in the lab.

Lab Hours:

The Multimedia Learning Center (972-238-6001) is located in Thunderduck Hall, T246. 

Hours for the Fall semester are:

  • Monday – Thursday: 9:00 am to 9:45 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am to 4:45 pm
  • Saturday: 12:00 pm to 4:45 pm

All Multimedia (credit and continuing education) students must show a Student ID Card to use the lab and check out any equipment.  IDs are available at the Student ID Office, T141.

Textbook and Supplies:

None Recommended

Students will need an external storage device as a “jump” or “flash” drive and several writable CD’s.

Course Outline:




Due Date

1:    (Expressivity)



2:    (Word)



3:    (Photoshop) 



4:    (Photoshop)

 Self portrait

Sept. 30th.

5:    (Photoshop)

 Passion collage

Sept. 30th.


 Class critique

Oct. 2nd.

6:   (PowerPoint)

Class presentation

Oct. 9th.

6:    (Multimedia)



7:    (Fireworks)

Oct. 17th.

8:    (Sound Forge)



9:    (Premier)





Nov. 6th.

10:  (Web)



11:  (Web)



Thanksgiving Holiday



12:  (Flash)





Dec. 2nd.

13:  (Dreamweaver)



Final Presentation

 Web page

Dec. 12th.




Grading Procedure:

Course projects and assignments are graded by points.  Throughout the semester, students have the opportunity to score a total of 43 points for various in class assignments, individual and group projects, and presentations.  In addition, students will be asked regularly to capture the message of a lesson or comment on class work with blog entries called Thoughts.
*  All work must be original and created during the Fall ’07 semester for an “A” grade


A =

43 - 40*

B = 

39 - 36

C =

35 - 32

D =

31 - 28

F =

27 and below


7 projects

4 pts. each

Class assignments

1 pt. each

Class thoughts

1 pt. each

Semester TOTAL

43 points

PLEASE NOTE!  Grade reports are no longer mailed.  Convenient access is available online or by telephone.  Use your student identification number when you log in to eConnect
or call Touch Tone Services. 
Web Site address:
Telephone number:  972-613-1818.

Academic Calendar:

2007 Fall Semester Academic Calendar for Multimedia

August 27 (M)

Regular Classes Begin (Monday - Friday)
*NOTE: All Saturday only and Sunday courses DO NOT begin this week.
The Multimedia Lab WILL NOT be open Saturday, September 2.

September 1 (Sa) -
September 3 (M)

Labor Day Holiday - campus closed, including lab

September 8 (Sa)

Saturday only courses begin
First Saturday Multimedia lab will be open

September 9 (Su)

Sunday only courses begin

September 10 (M)

12th Class Day for Regular Classes
Last day to drop a course without receiving a "W" grade

September 19 (W)

12th Class Day for Saturday Only Classes
Last day to drop a course without receiving a "W" grade

September 20 (R)

12th Class Day for Sunday Only Classes
Last day to drop a course without receiving a "W" grade

November 15 (R)

Last Day for All Regular Classes to Withdraw with a Grade of "W"

November 13 (T)

Last Day for Saturday Only and Sunday Only Classes to Withdraw with a Grade of "W"

November 22 (R) –
November 25 (Su)

Thanksgiving Holiday - campus closed, including lab

December 7 (F)

Last Day of Classes for All Friday Only Classes

December 8 (Sa)

Last Day of Classes for All Saturday Only Classes
Last Saturday Multimedia Lab Will be Open

December 9 (Su)

Last Day of Classes for All Sunday Only Classes

December 10-13

Final Exams - check schedule for exam times

December 13 (R)

Last Day of Classes for Regular Classes - Semester Ends
Last day students have access to Multimedia Lab for the semester

Withdrawal Policy:

If you are unable to complete this course, it is your responsibility to withdraw formally. The withdrawal request must be received in the Registrar’s Office by the semester's withdrawal date. Failure to do so will result in your receiving a performance grade, usually an “F.” If you drop a class or withdraw from the college before the official drop/withdrawal deadline, you will receive a “W” (Withdraw) in each class dropped.
You may drop a course at the Admissions Office (T170), the Advising Center (T180) or the BTEC Advising Center (T162). Please consult with your instructor if you are thinking of dropping the course.

Drop Date:

September 10th. is the last day to drop from this course without receiving an automatic "W" and without the course reflecting on your transcript.

Withdrawal Date:

November 15th. is the last day to withdraw from this course with an automatic "W".

Repeating this Course:

Effective for Fall Semester 2005, the Dallas County Community Colleges will charge additional tuition to students registering the third or subsequent time for a course. All third and subsequent attempts of the majority of credit and Continuing Education/Workforce Training courses will result in additional tuition to be charged. Developmental Studies and some other courses will not be charged a higher tuition rate. Third attempts include courses taken at any of the Dallas County Community Colleges since the Fall 2002 Semester.

Academic Dishonesty:

Scholastic dishonesty is a violation of the Code of Student Conduct. Scholastic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating on a test, plagiarism, and collusion.
As a college student, you are considered a responsible adult. Your enrollment indicates acceptance of the DCCCD Code of Student Conduct published in the DCCCD Catalog.

Disability Accommodation:

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance: Students requesting accommodations due to the presence of a disability must identify themselves to the instructor the first week of classes and provide documentation defining the accommodation needs from the Disability Services Office in Thunderduck Hall, T120.

Attention Financial Aid Students:

If you are receiving Financial Aid grants or loans, you must begin attendance in all classes. Do not drop or stop attending any class without consulting the Financial Aid Office. Changes in your enrollment level and failing grades may require that you repay financial aid funds. Students who fail to attend or participate after the drop date are also subject to this policy.

Classroom Policies:

Please note the following policies below:

Attendance Policy:

While Richland College does not have a formal attendance policy, students are expected to attend class regularly. If you know you will be missing class(es) this semester, please speak to your instructor about day(s) you will be missing so you can receive information on the lesson(s) and assignment(s) you will miss.

If you are unable to attend class, please email the instructor at
Students who will be absent from class for the observance of a religious holiday will be allowed to makeup examinations or assignments missed that day IF their instructor was notified not later than the 15th day of the semester.  Please refer to the college catalog Student Obligations -- Attending Classes section.

Because of all the material covered in class each session the lecture cannot be repeated for those students who show up tardy for class.  It is imperative students arrive to class on time and remain in class the entire session each week.

Food and Drink Policy:

Except where otherwise determined by a faculty member, no eating or drinking is allowed in the classroom. 

Web Server Posting Policy:

The Richland Student Web Server is open to all users of the World Wide Web. Any information students or instructors place in their files is readable by any user of the World Wide Web.

Computer/Internet Use Policy:

Currently enrolled Richland College students have access to the Multimedia Lab and classroom computers for Multimedia educational and instructional purposes only.  Please use the Del Rio Computer Lab for non-multimedia activities.
Students using their own laptops must use the wireless connection in the Thunderduck Hall building and cannot use the Multimedia lab and classroom computer data lines to access the Internet.
You are required to show your Richland Student ID when requested by lab personnel.  You are expected to follow lab policies as well as the Student Code of Conduct specified in the catalog.

Safety Policy:

Students should participate in this class in a safe, appropriate manner.  We occasionally have to step over cords for the multimedia cart and/or computer equipment.  We also need to watch out for boxes and paper, students’ backpacks, etc.  Students should begin to build good computing habits, designed to prevent eyestrain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

Handheld Devices Policy:

Please turn OFF all beepers and cell phones during class.   You will be able to make your calls during breaks.

End of Each Class Policy:

When you leave class for the day. please...

  1. Delete all your files from your workstation and empty the trash.
  2. Shut down your computer using Windows Shut Down.
  3. Turn off your monitor after computer has COMPLETELY shut down.
  4. Pick up and throw away any trash around your seat.

Attention Continuing Education Students:

To receive a certificate for this course, you must make a grade of "C" or higher as a final grade. A grade average of 69% or lower is failing.
Continuing Education will not mail your certificate to you. If you do not receive your certificate the last day of class you will have to pick up your certificate at the Continuing Education Front Desk, T160.

Multimedia Web Site:
Check the What's New section regularly for program announcements.

Disclaimer reserving right to change syllabus:

The instructor reserves the right to amend this syllabus as necessary.


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